Boyfriend scenarios tumblr

Levi had never been a man of suave words or extrovert behavior. To most people he seemed out of reach. A soldier attending to his duties and otherwise remaining distant and cold. His expression might have been a blank canvas, it neither showed dismay nor grief. And yet, he wore his heart on his sleeve like no other. Screams and cries for help echoed through his head.

Images of scattered limbs and endless amount of blood flashing before his eyes. He tried memorizing it clearly, tried so hard to remember how you turned around to get back to the others.

How you made it your obligation to save your comrades. How the titan caught you off guard and immediately grabbed at you. Somehow, another titan had distracted him and it happened all too fast. They had no other option, but leave the rest behind and go back. If he had reacted quicker, would he have been able to stop you? To help and save you? The thought of the dreadful loneliness there seemed unbearable.

However, roaming around soon proved to be just as defeating, convincing him to attend to paperwork for distraction after all. His steps feel heavy and echo through the hallway that seems way too empty, way too silent without your company. His body feels sore, limbs aching and temples pulsating in an annoying sting.

boyfriend scenarios tumblr

After opening the door to his office, his glance wanders from the floor to his desk and he freezes. His eyes widen upon meeting the sight before him, staring at the figure sitting in his chair in disbelief. Unable to react in any other way than just processing the relief that washes over him, Levi watches you get up from his chair and run towards you.

Your chest collides with his as your arms wrap around him. It still takes him a moment before his arms snake around your figure, careful in the action but still wanting to hold you as firm and close as possible.He pressed his forehead against yours, yearning to be closer to you and trying his best to hide the pain etched across his face. His nose brushed against yours as your lashes fluttered shut, and without saying a word, you knew.

You knew everything he felt because you felt it too. Your clutched onto fistfuls of his shirt, tugging him closer to you. You would not. He was not yours to touch. I know. You pulled back to look up at him, and something in him broke. Your usually starry doe eyes looked so…. Jungkook could handle his own torment at not being able to have you, but this? Against his better judgment, one of his hands reached out to cradle your face.

He saw you tense under his touch- should he pull back? But then he saw you sink into him, cheek softly melting into his palm. You reached up delicately to cover his fingers with yours. He took the moment to memorize your face, drinking in every detail until his gaze fell on your lips.

God, you were so beautiful. And your mouth was so… pretty. Your bottom lip so decadently full and soft. On its own accord, his other hand rose to your face and began tracing the curve of your mouth. You startled, wide eyes flashing up at him. He willed himself to look up at you, to assure you everything was okay, that he had you and nothing would happen.You never thought a simple crush could cause so much trouble.

Masterlist Ask me something! But when Taehyung, a member of your group, shows his feelings for you are just as true as yours, what do you do? When these two people meet, will an unlikely connection be made? AU - A notorious, dangerous crew of Pirates was rumoured to dock in your town and, although a woman, you were determined to join a crew one way or another.

So what best to join one of the most feared crews in the world? For starters…You fall for the Captain. Well, that was until you met Jeon Jungkook at your local arcade. Demonology Demon! When your boyfriend is diagnosed with a terminal illness and given just under a month to live, the last person you expect to visit you is the devil himself. Or keep yourself out of his bed. No matter how much it hurts you. You end up coming into the protection of 7 of the most powerful vampires.

But what happens when you fall for one? You were to have dinner every night with the boss, amongst other things, there was a whole schedule, but you never fully feel like a prisoner.

AU - When you met a guy and his friends at a bar one night, there was something fishy about him, the way he acted. Sadly you were stuck in the house where you died, no one able to see you, touch you, hear you. That was, until two guys rented the house. Little did you know they were in a similar boat to you. A club that was at the far part of town, with a lot of rumours circling the place.

Dark Rumours. The curiosity inside you pulls you towards the club…But you soon learn, once you enter, you never truly leave.

boyfriend scenarios tumblr

Can you survive this case? Or will it be the end of you? More to come.Ever since everyone had to vacate their old hideout, quite a few of the members went out occasionally to get drunk and fuck around. It was mostly you and Dabi.

You intrigued him, so he quickly became your friend. When you left, Dabi assumed to drink at the bar not that far away from the new hideout, said black-haired villain went back to focusing on whatever he was doing before noticing you. He left the hideout and ran to the bar the League always went to.

When he got there, he saw you hiding in a dark alley beside the building. Upon seeing him, you immediately hugged him. You were shaking and hid your face in his chest. Just pretend to be my boyfriend, Dabi.

Imagine NCT Yuta As Your Boyfriend

This guy must have tried to harass you. Of course, Dabi agreed to your plan and held your hand as he walked you into the bar. I missed ya. Before he could put his hands on you, Dabi pulled you closer to his side.

The middle-aged drunkard just laughed and held his hands up defensively. Not my fault the bitch is a hottie. I would treat her so much better. Your fake boyfriend quickly pushed you behind him and punched the man in the nose.

A dangerous amount of blood gushed from his nose and mouth and his eyes were stuck wide. Human trash like you should just die.

girlfriend and boyfriend scenarios

Dabi kisses your cheek as you smiled at him. Just let him sleep while you whisper to him. Please, SFW and fluffy? Thank you! He finds that adorable. You felt awful. Ever since the two of you had started dating, the explosive boy would come over to your house and hangout after school.

You groaned and hid your head under your pillow, muffling the sound to avoid making your headache get worse. Katsuki busted open your bedroom door and saw you. You were laying in bed, blankets and sheets carelessly strewn around you, and your head under your pillow.

The blonde sighed and laid on your bed beside you.

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One of his arms wrapped themselves on your waist and forced the pillow away from your face. Since his quirk makes his body slightly warmer than an average person, his body heat felt relaxing against your aching body.

boyfriend scenarios tumblr

You felt yourself falling asleep due to the comfort from your boyfriend. Bakugo pressed his lips gently on your pounding forehead and held a little tighter.

Mineta : Shut Upbrother ex-wife ex-husband ex-spouse ex-sister ex-marital partner ex-companion. May I pretty please get 1 with Fatgum? I'm sorry if you're not taking asks and I just end up being annoying.

You were a pro hero and had been one for about 5 years. Currently, you were chasing someone that had, in a fit of dumbass-ery, shown the public that he had a quirk-enhancing drug.

The drug wielder was a bit faster than you at running.Thank you! But I still will! The both of you were within your room—a large test was coming up soon, therefore you buried yourself within your textbooks.

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Which eventually lead to a bored Donghyun as he sat on your bed whilst playing with your stuffed animals. I would clearly pick you over books any day.

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Soon he landed his lips, capturing your breath on your completely distracting you from your studies. And soon the heat between the two rose as you guys continued. Before you could speak up to ask him why, he turned on his heels and walked away without a second glance. Letting out a sigh in relief when you found your self wrapped within the darkness of your room. Looking to your side you saw Donghyun, who also awoke from your sudden arise when you were in his arms.

You fill everyday of my life with excitement and lots of love, because I love you. Although it was dark you could see the affection for you within his eyes. Before you knew it his landed his lips onto of your and you guys shared a sweet kiss before, he brought the two of you down back onto the bed.

But nonetheless you fell back as sleep. All of it? Shuffling a big you tried to ignore the feeling. Whilst you were thinking, a pair of strong arms wrapped themselves around your waist.

You tensed up a bit before realizing it was only Hyunseong. You sat at the counter watching his profile. And before you knew it a grin was forming on your face. And before you knew it blush grew on your face. Soon enough a bowl of steaming hot ramen was presented in front of you. When Hyunseong took notice of it, he turned off the TV before lifting you up into his arms as gently as he can, trying not to wake you up.

He walked upstairs, laying you down onto the bed and tucking you in before doing the same to him after he turned off the lights he joined you. Leaving no room for writing. Once he was in a comfortable position he looked at you, who just came back from the bathroom. You nodded as you took the spot.BF Scenarios Masterlist. Hi there! Originally posted by volleygifs. At first he was stubborn in not even taking the bento you made specially for him, stating he is fine with just buying lunch.

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Though with some guilt-tripping and puppy eyes, he ends up taking it. But you reassured him it was for him and only him. Almost every single day you brought him a bento consisting of his favorite agedashi tofu and some other yummy, healthy side dishes that completed the lunchbox. You spoiled him smh.

Felix as a boyfriend

Originally posted by naryakinane. He loves them, especially the ones you make for him.

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No matter what, you present onigiris for your boyfriend; one for the morning, one for lunch, and one for after practice. And how much more tastier his dishes turn out to be. By that I mean at least three bento boxes for him for lunch. Rewards you with a big bear hug :. Wow Daichi truly won and it shows when his friends gives you praising, sparkly-eyed looks.

By the time he burns his third piece of food he chuckles. Why is that so, little Jeannie? Levi: ok, dom king here. Spanking, biting and choking you drives him crazy as long as you enjoy it too ofc.

Say that to him and see what happens. Reiner: although it may seem surprising he likes to be dominated by you.

boyfriend scenarios tumblr

The armored knight has always been seen as the strong guy by everyone, and sometimes he likes to leave that stereotype behind. Bertholdt: he has a colossal d so it has to be used properly, Bertholdt likes to dominate you in many ways. Mike: sniff king is dominant in bed, and as you might suspect, a kinky ass too. He loves to do you after a shower because you smell so nice. Eren: our little titan boy is full of anger and you can notice even when he kisses you. Armin: literally the sweetest man out there.

He mostly goes for your neck first, leaving a path of kisses until he reaches your jawline, continuing slowly to your soft lips as you are sitting on his desk, almost losing consciousness at the touch of his lips on your skin. As they say… a prince in the streets a freak in the sheets. Reiner: he loves to show you off in front of your friends so he takes every opportunity to kiss you passionately as he grabs your butt, of course that makes you blush scarlet red, but of course you love your well-built lover bragging about you as if you were his biggest treasure too.

The tall angel will peck your forehead, then the tip of your nose, and finally your lips. In the intimacy of your room things are different, he loves to mark you leaving lovebites all over your body: neck, breasts, thighs and even on your butt.

This is trash but I hope you like it anyways because I truly enjoyed writing it ; Requests are open, so comment if you want to see something specific. Aizawa Shota.The words replayed in his mind over and over again. Was this seriously happening?

Or was this another one of his blissful dreams that always ended with his alarm clock jolting him awake to cruel, cruel reality?

Somehow, somewhere, those feelings of friendship had developed into something more, into something complicated and meaningful.

Thoughts regarding how obnoxious he believed your wide grin to be changed into those revolving around how he wanted to be the only one to ever make you smile so happily. Because it was probably just a phase that would pass after the next attractive person walked into the room.

Because it was stupid and cliche to fall in love with your childhood friend. Because it would be awkward to date someone that you used to bathe with when you were little.

In truth, he was just scared. If you said no, it would make things tense and uncomfortable. Before all else, before any romantic feelings that he had for you, his friendship with you came first and foremost.

So he brushed it off. Your cheeks were flushed red, not one of those pretty ones that made you look delicate and sweet.

Your expression suddenly became crestfallen, and he mentally cursed when he realized how that sounded. I was apologizing for spacing out, sorry! Uh… you… you really like me? You rolled your eyes, an action that was so irritating and endearing to him at the same time.

What he had been worried about, what he had been agonizing over, you had just tossed it all aside with that one sentence. You raised an eyebrow at him.

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His mouth opened and closed a few times as he tried to figure out what he wanted to say.

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